The Next Big Thing in Jobsite Monitoring

We’ve talked extensively about the pandemic and how it has changed the landscape for construction technology as well as construction jobsite monitoring. It isn’t hyperbole to suggest that the pandemic revealed how ill-prepared some construction companies were for the changes required in managing a construction site once Covid-19 was in full swing. To that end, let’s investigate the future of construction site monitoring and showcase how those new advances in construction technology will make your jobsites safer, and more secure, no matter what mother nature throws at us.

AI video analytics  

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly becoming important ideas within the construction technology realm. You can find several products geared toward the construction industry that leverage the power of AI and machine learning to make short work of a variety of tasks. This is especially true when it comes to improving data generated by construction cameras. Artificial intelligence along with machine learning can take raw video footage and produce actionable data to improve your surveillance solution. As we move beyond 2021, we’re seeing an increase in the capabilities of deep learning technology that is increasing accuracy, while lowering costs.

No Contact Security 

The pandemic made it incredibly hard for security firms to function. Considering the issues around transmission of a highly communicable virus, security required less face-to-face contact, and more touchless solutions to rise to the occasion. Facial recognition, along with artificial intelligence and machine learning has revealed a whole new way to look at surveillance and safety monitoring via camera solutions. Using these tools, on site security teams can use video to recognize faces, license plates, misplaced tools and materials, and identifying unwelcome visitors around the clock. Mix in automated functions like SMS notifications to alert police and fire automatically, and the future of construction site monitoring is going to be nearly hands-free.

The Cloud and IoT 

The more we rely on such technological advances such as mobile alerts, artificial intelligence, and data collection and analysis, the more we’ll need to rely on cloud technology to store that information and allow access, easily and quickly, regardless of the user’s location. The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing hand in hand with other intelligent solutions. It isn’t enough to simply collect video data as your project moves forward… that data is nearly worthless without the ability to access it and use it to make decisions. Cloud storage is a growing technology and as it grows, the potential for construction projects in isolated areas to be just as technologically advanced is also growing.

Each day new advances in the construction technology industry make the impossible possible. SiteKick believes in building better with technology and we’d love to share our passion for these advanced tools with you. Contact us today to see where we’re taking our clients and how we’re helping them build a better future.