Up your Job site security with cameras

Considering the valuable tools, materials, and machinery present on any job site, cameras are by far the most cost-effective method of securing these assets. While construction site safety is at the top of the list of worries for any site manager, a very close second is job site security. Up your Job site security with cameras.

According to the Great American Insurance Group, “An estimated 90 percent of equipment thefts take place between 6 p.m. on Friday and 6 a.m. on Monday.” Given that the cost of on-site security staff around the clock on weekends, construction site cameras are by far the most cost-effective method of keeping machinery, materials, and tools. For a few hundred dollars and a robust monitoring platform like SiteKick, you can rest easy knowing your job site is safe from criminal activity.

Here are 5 ways to up your job site security with cameras:

1. Theft prevention

Simply placing security cameras in clear view, but out of reach of construction site visitors automatically deters the most criminally minded people whether their intent is to steal from you or vandalize your property.

2. Progressive Monitoring

As your job site matures and new assets are introduced, so too should your monitoring platform. Moving your security cameras or adding new cameras should be a priority as your project moves ahead. If you supplant your cameras with other technology like motion and environmental sensors, a platform like SiteKick can allow you to manage and monitor your job site remotely.

3. Police Partners

When you have a robust construction site camera and monitoring system in place, you’ll be alerted the moment a breach occurs. You can even leverage technology that will immediately notify local law enforcement, increasing the chances that criminals will be arrested before their fingerprints dry.

4. Assessment and Review

In case your job site does get breached and theft occurs, cameras connected to monitoring equipment and recording systems will ensure you have the most accurate information to share with authorities, but also revise your security plan to address the failure.

5. Insurance Against Fraud Claims

Dealing with insurance investigators is a necessary part of any insurance claim made by construction site managers. If your insurance provider believes fraud occurred, it is very difficult to prove innocence without incontrovertible proof of an actual criminal being solely responsible. Protecting your reputation is made easier with a robust security camera platform.

There are even more ways construction site cameras can help you up your job site security. To find out how SiteKick can help, contact us for an informative demonstration on everything our advanced monitoring platform can save you money and keep your project safe and on schedule.