Reducing risk with cameras

Many business owners wonder if reducing risk with cameras is possible. In 2019, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported that there were 5,333 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States, a 2 percent increase from the 5,250 in 2018. Of those deaths, 20% were on construction sites.

While it is difficult to prove that all those accidents could be prevented just using cameras on your job site, surveillance cameras improve safety in many ways.

Reducing risk with cameras: Constant Eye in the Sky

A construction site’s path toward better safety begins by installing cameras in various areas on your job site. Because modern cameras can record video of a job site around the clock, if an accident or near-accident occurs, construction site managers can quickly review footage to learn what happened, and if anyone was responsible.

Video cameras can also act to prevent possible issues. Upon arriving on the job site in the morning, a job site manager can look at live footage of the entire construction site to see potential problems before the crew begins the day’s work. Monitoring the cameras can spot trouble in minutes rather than after an accident occurs. It’s real time quality assurance and safety management.

Safe and Secure

In addition to accident prevention, cameras also work as security guards, ensuring ONLY authorized personnel access the job site. Having 24/7 protection against trespassers also reduces safety liabilities after hours, not to mention acting as a deterrent to thieves walking off the job site with tools, equipment or expensive materials.

One of the more recent developments in construction site technology is the use of advanced video analytics to detect problems on a construction site. Platforms like SiteKick can be tuned to provide analysis of video footage to detect when workers aren’t using safety gear or improperly using tools. Artificial intelligence has found its way into the construction industry and it is assisting in lessening the risk to workers and property. Having tools like construction cameras on site not only helps create and maintain safety policies, but they can also reduce the inherent risk of working on a construction site.

Advancing Technology to Create Safer Construction Sites

All the statistics in the world might inform you of the potential risks, but they rarely point to an obvious solution to help mitigate those potential dangers. That’s where SiteKick can help. We’re committed helping construction businesses make the most of technology to manage, secure, and monitor your construction site. To find out how SiteKick is introducing technology to help construction administrators succeed and keep their sites and employees safe, contact us today! We’re ready to build the future with you!