Cable-Powered Cameras

These mountable smart cameras plug into your site’s outlets. For best results, make sure the cameras are out of reach from everyday personnel in a well-lit environment—avoiding backlighting, direct sunlight, and reflections.


$520 / MONTH

This smart camera delivers high-quality surveillance images no matter the scenario.

  • moon icon
    Long range, low-light or no-light perimeter
  • short-range icon
    Short-range for interiors
  • long-range icon
    Long-range for exteriors

  • Withstands extreme heat (140° F) and cold (-40° F)
  • High resolution (1920×1080 pix)
  • Optimal long range (10.9-29 mm) or short (3-9 mm) for indoor
  • Infrared (260 feet long and 130 feet short)
  • Excellent color (0.06 LUX*)
  • Black and white (0.01 LUX)
  • Approximately 30** days of video storage

*LUX = one candle light
**Will vary – need to track when in the field to get data

SiteKick Low Light

$500 / MONTH

This smart camera comes with different mounting options based on your site needs and stores recordings in the cloud.

  • moon icon
    Low-light conditions in indoor and outdoor applications
  • network-signal icon
    Cellular network (no Wi-Fi needed)
  • thermometer icon
    Temperature and humidity monitoring at device level

  • Recordings of motion capture stored in the cloud (DVR included)
  • 120v electrical
  • Attaches to pole mount or surface mount (included)
  • Solar power option available
  • Withstands heat (130° F) and cold (-35° F)
  • High resolution (1920×1080 pix)
  • Focal length (4 mm fixed lens)
  • Field of View (92° Horizontal)
    Minimum illumination color (0.01 LUX*)
    Approximately 20 days of video storage

*LUX = one candle light

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