What the Construction Industry will Look like in 2022

The construction industry saw quite a few changes in 2020, and many construction projects were put on hold. While the overall construction outlook is promising, the real question is what the construction trends will materialize over the course of 2022.

The Greening of an Industry

One of the fastest growing trends in construction is efficient buildings. No matter what your political leanings, the growing concern for the environment and resources will see a significant impact on construction projects. Worldwide, the efficient building envelope industry jumped to 28.96 billion in revenue as recently as 2019 and that trend should continue through 2022. 

Commercial office construction projects are quickly becoming the fastest green building market in the US at 21.2%. Industrial and manufacturing building construction is the smallest with just 1.5% of the market. 

Leaping into the Digital Age

Long considered a Luddite industry that shunned technology, 2022 should see a more modern industry take shape. You can thank Covid-19 and a global pandemic for convincing construction industry leaders to adopt construction technology to help weather the storm of labor shortages, shrinking profit margins, and higher material costs. Construction technology like SiteKick is showing construction industry leaders that it is possible to do much more with less by leveraging powerful digital tools to increase productivity, efficiency and safety.

Expect to see more robotics on construction sites where repetitive tasks increase the danger to manual labor forces. Other technology like self-driving construction vehicles or drone security and safety inspections will become more common as industry leaders see the potential in artificial intelligence to make safer, more efficient work spaces.

New Construction Materials and Resources in 2022

One of the most important of all trends to look for in 2022 is in discovering new ways to maximize profits by reducing material costs. Sustainable building materials is most likely where the trends will eventually lead. Finding cost-effective, sustainable building materials is the most surefire way of reducing building material costs long-term. New materials such as Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) also known as bendable concrete, Engineered Timber, and even recycled materials will see more research and development in the coming years than ever before.

The Bottomline

As the Federal government begins to place greater emphasis on rebuilding infrastructure, the construction industry outlook for 2022 is definitely improving. The greater need for efficient building and resource management will certainly open up more opportunities for forward thinking construction businesses, and SiteKick is positioned to help them make the most of their budgets. To find out how SiteKick is helping build better futures for our clients, call us to set up an informative demonstration of all the powerful tools SiteKick can bring to your next project.