How SiteKick Helps Secure Construction Sites

Sitekick is always proud to share our customers’ successes and celebrate all the wins!

We woke up to the news of a site break-in in Oregon. We quickly pulled up the footage and checked in with our Third-Party Monitoring partner to see what had happened.

We also reached out to the Supt for the site and were greeted with a welcome story: two suspects had broken in and set off the cameras, and police were dispatched and arrived at the site. Using K9s and drones, the police could locate and apprehend the suspects. Nothing on site was damaged or stolen (except the gate’s lock), and two would-be thieves are now far from any job sites for a bit!

We are told footage from Sitekick helped the police ensure they could charge the suspects with trespassing. We are grateful we could assist in keeping this site safe!