Working remotely: How cameras help

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people work from home, and cameras have become an essential part of working remotely. You may be asking yourself might be, “is turning on my webcam or camera beneficial or a hinderance to working remotely?”

For many businesspeople, in the construction industry or not, the decision may not be theirs to make, but if you do have that option, let’s explore how cameras can help you when working remotely.

Webcams for Building Trust

As they say, trust must be earned. This is especially true as some businesses struggle to accept remote workers using technology when they’ve previously insisted on in-person attendance for their day-to-day responsibilities. The construction industry is different than other business categories because a bulk of the physical labor can’t be phoned in. Of course, a good portion, especially from the perspective of a site manager or superintendent, can be done remotely. So how do you trust that work is being done when you can’t see the person doing it?

It is a case where remote work isn’t something clients and investors of a construction project understand, which in turn makes it harder to trust that work is being done and goals accomplished if they don’t see workers physically where they normally conduct their business. Psychologically, remote work makes it hard for some folks to see nonverbal behaviors that show where your head is at and whether you’re paying attention to the job at hand. These nonverbal cues help communicate honesty, openness, and community which build a positive view of the worker and the work being done.

Here is where cameras can help remote workers and their supervisors get comfortable with Covid-19 lockdown orders and remote work mandates. Video builds trust and rapport when working remotely. Turning that camera on so interested parties can tune in and watch as you go about your responsibilities gives them the opportunity to trust the person on the other side of that screen and reinforce a positive view of remote work.

Cameras Demonstrating Responsibility

No matter where you stand on remote work and cameras in general, when you share yourself on video going about your daily work routine, but it displays that you’re in work mode. When working in person, you are prepared, dressed professionally, and present. Without cameras and visual cues, it is harder to communicate those simple facets of your work personality. Having that camera on while you work shows you’re just as responsible when out of the office, but that you’re taking your workday seriously. We’ve all heard the jokes about working in your PJs but showing people you’re present and ready to work as you would inside the office goes a long way toward showing you are responsible and trustworthy.

Online and On Camera: The End Justifies the Means The need to work remotely isn’t going away despite lockdowns being lifted and the vaccine being widely distributed. Finding ways to continue to work as well as continue to grow professionally means learning to work within a system that guarantees success. SiteKick knows the importance of making sure technology works for everyone. Our mission is making technology that not only saves time but helps build success now and in the future. To find out how SiteKick is changing how your job site is monitored and managed through leading edge technology, contact us for an informative demonstration of what SiteKick can do for your next project.