Construction Security Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The most pressing need for anyone tasked with optimizing construction security is finding ways to deter unwanted after-hours visitors to the jobsite. Unfortunately, many construction site managers fail to adequately address the most concerning facets of jobsite security. Here are a few common construction security mistakes and ways to eliminate them.

Who Goes There?

The most obvious mistake is not securing all the possible entry (and exit) points on your jobsite. This is important not only to deter theft, but also to ensure the safety of your employees. Making sure to secure every possible entry point requires either an increased security guard presence (which is expensive) or a series of well-placed construction cameras (Which is more cost effective, especially if your construction cameras can perform more than basic security monitoring). That isn’t all you should consider, however.

Once you set up construction cameras on your jobsite, you should consider requiring identification cards for all personnel to access the jobsite, not just sensitive or dangerous areas. Without an ID card requirement, anyone can access every part of your jobsite which greatly decreases the safety and security of your employees.

Trial by Fire

You’ve secured your job site against unauthorized visitors and have placed cameras at key points. Job’s done right? Not so fast. Theft and unwanted visitors aren’t the only threats to the safety and jobsite security. Fires in structures under construction cause an average of four civilian deaths, 49 civilian injuries, and $304 million in direct property damage annually, while those in structures under major renovation caused averages of eight civilian deaths, 52 civilian injuries, and $104 million in direct property damage annually.

On any given construction project, there are materials and chemicals that increase the danger fire poses to both employees and equipment. Having the right type of construction site monitoring solution will greatly lessen the chances that fires, floods, and other environmental dangers affect your jobsite and employees. Do not make the mistake of discounting other threats to the safety and security of your employees and equipment.

Understanding What You Have

One of the most common jobsite security mistakes is the easiest to overcome. You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on a high-tech surveillance system, which is a significant investment, but a powerful system is worthless if it is too complex to use for your construction personnel tasked with securing your jobsite. Finding the right solution that does everything you need without a degree in engineering required to operate is as important as correctly placing your construction cameras. The right solution is as easy-to-use as it is useful beyond simply recording the jobsite.

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