What Construction Execs Can Do While Drinking That Morning Coffee

For a typical construction executive, taking advantage of every second begins with their morning coffee break. Mornings are scientifically proven to be a very important period in the workday because the human brain has just been rebooted and is the most open to new ideas. Here are five essential activities construction execs can do while drinking that morning coffee.

Take Stock of Yesterday: A Day in Review

While every day is busy for a construction executive, the most successful job site managers will find the time to review the previous day’s work. They see how the previous day fits into the overall project plan, and whether they accomplished the goals set for that day, whether anything has been thrown off schedule, or if the project is over budget, or stalled. Essentially the most successful construction managers execute a daily performance review of every aspect of a construction project to see where problems exist and how these might be addressed. Keeping organized and informed is the most important job any construction exec can do each day, and a moment to review before the day begins is essential to success.

Sharing is Caring: Keeping Stakeholders Up to Date

The first thing in the morning is the perfect time to share progress reports with interested parties. Making phone calls or sending text messages while savoring that first cup of coffee is most effective specifically because most stakeholders are probably planning their day just like you. Once you get to the office, there will be other fires to fight, but the morning, before chaos ensues, is the right time to share what you know with the people who need to know about the progress of their project. Your daily goal is to have an empty inbox BEFORE you get into the office to start your day.

Have a Plan: Setting Your Daily Task List

Using your first coffee break of the day to take stock and share progress will give you a much better sense of what tasks need to be addressed and just as importantly, in what order they should be addressed. Part of being a great job site supervisor is understanding your schedule and setting daily tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. Make this period of your morning routine when you set the goals, expectations, and tasks not only for yourself, but your entire team. It will ensure everyone knows what to do and when to do it. Your day at the construction site will go much smoother.

The Right Information to the Right People

You’re a good job site manager and you depend on your team leads to handle different tasks to ensure a successful construction project completion. Your department heads will generate their own information that they’ll typically share with you at the EOD or overnight depending on how they like to work. Analyzing the work of the other departments at the start of each day can ensure each group is being as efficient and productive as possible. This morning coffee break is the perfect time to review their work, find issues, relay solutions, and get every department head on the same page. You can develop strategies to help departments catch up or increase production, reassign tasks and make sure you have your crew on track.

Resource Management: The Right Tools in the Right Place

Another important part aspect of running a successful construction project is resource management. Knowing what resources, you have, where they are deployed, and how they are being used is a key data set you should review each morning. Remember, analyzing your resources daily is much better than scheduled analysis because it allows you to move faster to changing situations.

This area is really where technology can help you keep this important part of your job as stress free as possible. Procore paired with SiteKick can give you an instant read on every aspect of your construction project’s assets and resources from one simple to use interface. You’ll know where everything is, what state it is in, and more importantly, which parts of your project need special attention. Taking advantage of these construction technologies gives a site manager the tools to monitor resource usage and provide transparency and accountability for every project.

It All Looks Better in the Morning

For most construction project managers, leveraging construction technology is the most efficient way to achieve success. Adopting technologies like Procore and SiteKick help centralize the data a project accumulates daily. Taking stock of your project each morning over a cup of coffee better prepares you for the day, but leveraging these digital platforms also sets you up for daily success.

If you are looking for more tools to take your project management to a successful conclusion, start with SiteKick and find the solution that fits your needs now and in the future. Contact us for a demonstration today!