The five best safety apps for construction firms

Every construction firm understands that safety is every employee’s responsibility and there are a variety of technological tools to make sure everyone has what they need to ensure a safe and productive work environment. Here is our list of the five best safety apps for construction firms:

OSHA Heat Safety Tool

If you can’t rely on an app developed by OSHA and the National Weather Service, who can you rely on? This handy Android and iPhone app lets you calculate the heat index of a job site. It has several useful features including setting reminders with tips on how to mitigate heat related illness.

Download the heat safety app for free from the OSHA website, as well as both iTunes and Google Play.

Scribe for OSHA

Another useful tool for construction site safety is Scribe for OSHA. Designed to guide safety professionals through the applicable OSHA reporting and recordkeeping rules, based on the type of incident they are dealing with.

Chemical Safety Data Sheets – ICSC

Developed by ThatsMyStapler, Inc., this handy app is an easy to review safety information platform that displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Fall Safety App

Working on a construction site is difficult, working on a construction site a few stories above the ground is even more so. This app is designed for construction workers who work in high places, providing fall detection on their smart phones. While it is only currently available for iPhones, development of the Android version is currently in progress.

Safety Meeting App

Keeping track of OSHA-required safety meetings doesn’t have to be difficult. This Safety Meeting App does that a more including tracking accidents, incidents, near misses, and employee attendance. Available for both Android and iPhone, this is a great app for both large and small construction environments.

The Last Word on Safety

Keeping current on the various technology that can make your work site safer is important to us. It was a driving force behind everything SiteKick does. In fact, find out how SiteKick is helping construction administrators succeed and keep their sites and employees safe, by contacting us today! We’re ready to build the future with you!