Messaging tactics on construction job sites

Instant and text messaging have become generally accepted ways of communicating on construction sites, especially to increase efficiency and safety. Aside from its ease of use, texting and instant messaging are a popular communication channel most people use every day, so no special training or devices are needed. Here are some tips on how to get the most of your messaging tactics on a construction site.

General Site Conditions

One of the best messaging tactics on a construction site is notifying your employees on the current conditions of a jobs site BEFORE they arrive is a great way to ensure your employees are prepared for any conditions. You can also use instant messaging to quickly notify them of closures, power outages, inclement weather and other environmental conditions that might affect their workday.

Using group texting, a site manager can share any information relevant to the site and be assured that everyone scheduled to work gets the same information at the same time.

Team Notifications

Each project team relies on timely delivery of information in much the same way they depend on the delivery of materials or equipment to complete various tasks. Making sure everyone is aware of delivery schedules ensures that each team knows what to expect and can prepare efficiently. If a team expects the delivery of cement at a certain time and they spend the morning preparing for that delivery only to discover that the delivery is delayed or cancelled, the entire workday may be wasted. Keeping teams aprised of conditions and delays ensures your project can stay on track by reallocating resources in a timely manner.

Public Notification

While a well-placed sign can inform the public of various construction processes, a sign with an easy way they can get up-to-the-minute information about a construction project or upcoming hazards goes a long way toward keeping sites safe. Imagine how much more effective notices would be if a resident or passerby could simply get the latest information by texting a keyword or short code to a number and receive an automated response with relevant information.

Lean on Construction Technology

In our blog, we’ve talked a great deal about construction technology and how it can both simplify and increase job site management. Taking the time to leverage existing technologies when it comes to workplace communication is a great way to increase the value of your investments. If you’re one of the thousands of construction firms already using Procore, you’ll be happy to know that this cloud-based construction management software is one of the best ways of providing streamlined project communication platforms for any construction project. When you add SiteKick, the most comprehensive construction site monitoring and reporting solution you can use, you’ve got everything you need to share important site data to your entire team.

To find out how we’re changing the way construction sites are monitored and managed, contact us for a demonstration of all the powerful tools SiteKick introduces into your next construction project.