The camera is one of the most important items in your budget

While there are many tools you can use to ensure your next construction project runs smoothly, construction cameras might be the most affordable option. Let’s look at the benefits of construction cameras to highlight why the camera is the most important item you should account for in your budget.

Project Management

Making sure everyone has the most up to date information requires either on site, in person meetings, or a way to effectively share images and video of each part of a construction project. Cameras allow job site administrators the ability to share images and video of areas of concern in real time, with members who don’t have to be physically present to see and hear issues as they arise.

The savings in travel costs (from air fare for clients in faraway locales to gas driving to and from the job site) is an easy-to-understand reason to budget for a powerful construction camera system and the accompanying tools to record, save, and distribute images and video (such as SiteKick, which is easily integrated with the most popular construction management platforms like Procore).

If you took a conservative estimate on travel time as well as hourly rate of some professionals, a savings of $3500 over the course of a construction project is not unreasonable. Most camera systems would fit within the budget just by the cost savings from cutting in person trips to the job site.


For most construction projects, 24/7 in person security personnel can be a large expense (Well trained and experienced security guards patrolling a jobsite can cost up to $30 per hour). With security guards, you may also need two or three depending on the size of your project grounds. The cost of such protection would certainly several thousand dollars per month.

Cameras on the other hand are relatively cheap and allow one person the ability to patrol the entire site in moments. Construction cameras also have the benefit of curbing insider theft (materials and tools often are misplaced or stolen during the busiest work hours. The value of a good construction camera system is easy to see from that perspective alone.

The cost of a construction camera system and the software tools to manage them are much cheaper (and safer) than multiple on-site security personnel making them much easier to justify in your budget. If you’re interested in finding out just how affordable and powerful SiteKick can be, schedule a demonstration with our experts today!