Maintaining quality with cameras to reduce extra work

Maintaining quality with cameras is a newer concept in the construction industry, but it should become more common as the value is more widely understood. Inferior quality control leads to extra work and a primary source of cost overruns on a construction project. Having cameras on the construction site can help find and minimize problem areas that lead to extra work for construction staff.

Growing into Technology: A Step Toward Quality

Modern construction projects have always been complex, but as the industry moves toward more environmentally favorable practices while looking for ways to eliminate waste, an extra level of complexity arises. This can lead to losing sight of quality control standards. It does not have to be that way, however. There are technologies that can be leveraged that tune those processes so that your construction company can deliver both fiscal and environmental benefits.

Taking advantage of cameras and monitoring platforms like SiteKick can improve quality and eliminate waste and rework. Data shows that as much as 30% of work performed by construction companies is actually rework. This is caused by many factors but using old or invalid data contribute to that expensive and wasted effort. The important takeaway here is that eliminating extra work (getting it right the first time) is the easiest way to improve quality and decrease costs.

5 Ways Cameras Can Increase Quality on a Job Site

Let us take a quick look at how advanced cameras on a construction site can improve quality and eliminate rework.

Mapping Trouble Areas: Long before things can become a problem, advanced cameras with AI assisted analysis can find potential issues. Using the camera data and reviewing time lapse photography or video of your project will reveal issues as they arise so your team can address them before money or time is required to fix them.

Inventory Management: A construction site can be a hectic environment and keeping track of where everything is located can be a logistical nightmare. Using your construction site cameras data or recorded video, tools, equipment, or raw materials can be tracked and flagged so they are less likely to end up lost or stolen.

Project Oversight: Cameras can generate a lot of data that can be used in several ways. Providing a channel for transparency is one of them. Keeping project investors and clients informed of the day-to-day life cycle of a construction project ensures everyone that a project is moving forward, and every part of the project is on time and under budget.

Efficient Use of Assets: Mobility and the Internet of Things (IoT) are important aspects of an advanced construction site. Leveraging technology to increase accessibility and transparency. Remote cameras allow project managers to visit job sites on the road or from other project locations. Mobility allows a modern construction site administrator to be all places at once.

Safe and Secure: Nothing impacts a construction project like safety and security. Accidents or theft can derail a project and cause a lot of extra work for construction site staff and managers. Tracking, capturing and documenting accidents and security breaches for review can prevent future problems.

A Platform Built for the Future

Just as construction cameras have changed the way construction businesses manage all phases and aspects of projects, from pre-development and bidding to project completion, SiteKick is introducing even more ways to leverage technology to meet the growing demands of a modern construction project.

SiteKick makes life easier for everyone from general contractors, to building owners, to back office, to site superintendents. We help you and your team focus on your people, the work, and building the future. To find out how SiteKick is bringing leading edge technology into the pocket of construction industry professionals, schedule your private demonstration today!