The Growing Opportunity of the Perimeter Security Market

Over the last few years, few markets have grown as exponentially as the Perimeter Security market. This segment of the security industry is projected to grow from 61.3 billion USD in 2020 to 96.5 billion USD by 2026. SiteKick is uniquely poised to benefit from this growth as more construction business leaders realize the importance … Read more

Use cameras to mark milestones in projects

Any construction project manager knows that setting milestones to chart the evolution of a build is a great way to track progress and measure success. It is also a fundamental tool in keeping your staff, clients, and the public engaged and informed on the big picture. Amazingly enough, the construction industry is one of the … Read more

Building a Better Future with Technology

As technology begins to find wider acceptance in the paper-based, analog world of construction site monitoring and reporting, many construction firms are now finding themselves interested in what SiteKick is bringing to the industry in building a better future with technology. In case you’re unaware, what SiteKick has brought is an assortment of solutions for … Read more

Cameras and the Bottom Line

We have written extensively about leveraging the power of construction cameras on your job site. We’ve explored how construction cameras can reduce various risks, how you can use construction cameras to reduce rework, and how you can use cameras to improve OSHA compliance. But what about that bottom line? How can cameras save money and … Read more

The camera is one of the most important items in your budget

While there are many tools you can use to ensure your next construction project runs smoothly, construction cameras might be the most affordable option. Let’s look at the benefits of construction cameras to highlight why the camera is the most important item you should account for in your budget. Project Management Making sure everyone has … Read more

Reducing risk with cameras

Many business owners wonder if reducing risk with cameras is possible. In 2019, the Bureau of Labor statistics reported that there were 5,333 fatal work injuries recorded in the United States, a 2 percent increase from the 5,250 in 2018. Of those deaths, 20% were on construction sites. While it is difficult to prove that … Read more

Working remotely: How cameras help

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how people work from home, and cameras have become an essential part of working remotely. You may be asking yourself might be, “is turning on my webcam or camera beneficial or a hinderance to working remotely?” For many businesspeople, in the construction industry or not, the decision may not be … Read more

How to use Cameras for OSHA

Nearly every facet of a construction project can be improved with technology. One interesting use of technology is cameras for OSHA compliance or safety training on a job site. While most construction site managers consider construction cameras to be beneficial for progress reports or job site security, expanding your use of your existing camera network … Read more

What Construction Execs Can Do While Drinking That Morning Coffee

For a typical construction executive, taking advantage of every second begins with their morning coffee break. Mornings are scientifically proven to be a very important period in the workday because the human brain has just been rebooted and is the most open to new ideas. Here are five essential activities construction execs can do while … Read more

Up your Job site security with cameras

Considering the valuable tools, materials, and machinery present on any job site, cameras are by far the most cost-effective method of securing these assets. While construction site safety is at the top of the list of worries for any site manager, a very close second is job site security. Up your Job site security with … Read more

Protecting privacy under the watchful eye of a camera

Construction cameras are a great way to secure your jobsite, but how do you walk the fine line between a secure workplace and the privacy of your employees and visitors? Surveillance cameras are part of any robust security plan, but there are privacy concerns you should be aware of before getting started. The first, that … Read more