The camera is one of the most important items in your budget

While there are many tools you can use to ensure your next construction project runs smoothly, construction cameras might be the most affordable option. Let’s look at the benefits of construction cameras to highlight why the camera is the most important item you should account for in your budget. Project Management Making sure everyone has … Read more

Demystifying Encryption in Construction Technology

Construction technology has come a long way in the last five years and as construction projects become more complex, the number of players at any stage of a project increases. When you start increasing the number of subcontractors and suppliers, you are bound to see security issues come up that require more robust encryption technologies … Read more

How to use Cameras for OSHA

Nearly every facet of a construction project can be improved with technology. One interesting use of technology is cameras for OSHA compliance or safety training on a job site. While most construction site managers consider construction cameras to be beneficial for progress reports or job site security, expanding your use of your existing camera network … Read more

How to Keep construction documentation costs in check with cameras

Any project manager knows that construction projects require a staggering amount of documentation. Every aspect of a project generates a paper trail of environmental readings, employee time sheets, and progress reports that need to be tracked and archived. Unfortunately, construction is one of the least digitized of all industries—second only to agriculture and hunting. Imagine … Read more