It’s that budget time of the year: Justify some Construction Cameras

As summer approaches, it is a good time to start considering next year’s budget and construction cameras should be on your wish list. If you’ve been looking for ways to leverage technology to make your life easier, construction cameras are certainly a worthy investment. Considering recent news, the time might be right for investment in … Read more

The Growing Opportunity of the Perimeter Security Market

Over the last few years, few markets have grown as exponentially as the Perimeter Security market. This segment of the security industry is projected to grow from 61.3 billion USD in 2020 to 96.5 billion USD by 2026. SiteKick is uniquely poised to benefit from this growth as more construction business leaders realize the importance … Read more

Use cameras to mark milestones in projects

Any construction project manager knows that setting milestones to chart the evolution of a build is a great way to track progress and measure success. It is also a fundamental tool in keeping your staff, clients, and the public engaged and informed on the big picture. Amazingly enough, the construction industry is one of the … Read more

Building a Better Future with Technology

As technology begins to find wider acceptance in the paper-based, analog world of construction site monitoring and reporting, many construction firms are now finding themselves interested in what SiteKick is bringing to the industry in building a better future with technology. In case you’re unaware, what SiteKick has brought is an assortment of solutions for … Read more

Cameras and the Bottom Line

We have written extensively about leveraging the power of construction cameras on your job site. We’ve explored how construction cameras can reduce various risks, how you can use construction cameras to reduce rework, and how you can use cameras to improve OSHA compliance. But what about that bottom line? How can cameras save money and … Read more

5 Reasons Projects Get Delayed (And How to Mitigate Them)

There is no question that few projects ever reach a conclusion without delays, but what steps can a project manager take to increase the likelihood of success? Some statistics point to just 25% of projects came within 10% of their original deadlines in the past 3 years. Here are five reasons projects get delayed and … Read more

Maintaining quality with cameras to reduce extra work

Maintaining quality with cameras is a newer concept in the construction industry, but it should become more common as the value is more widely understood. Inferior quality control leads to extra work and a primary source of cost overruns on a construction project. Having cameras on the construction site can help find and minimize problem … Read more