Remote Construction Site Management Tips

The idea of managing a construction project remotely was virtually unheard of 5 years ago, yet today remote construction site management is on the rise. The pandemic taught many businesses how workers can be just as productive working from home, and the construction industry certainly took notes. As projects become larger and more complex, it becomes more difficult to manage staff, assign tasks, monitor progress, and record, manage, and analyze construction data. Remote management of construction projects is far more efficient and cost-effective. Here are a few tips savvy project managers can use to manage any site or project remotely. 

Get on the Same Channel 

The most important aspect of remote site management is how you will communicate effectively with your team. From setting tasks to resolving issues as they arise, making sure everyone is accessible no matter where they are. The communication tool should work seamlessly with all your chosen apps and tools, allow for collaboration, video conferencing, and file sharing. Whether that communication tool is a mobile phone or tablet, providing a reliable solution to keep everyone on the same page is going to be the key to success.  

Get with the Program 

Finding the right platform to manage every aspect of the construction process, from project management to site security, all remotely, does not have to be a daunting task. Platforms such as Procore are robust and scalable, allowing stakeholders to participate across the entire lifecycle of a construction project. Platforms like Procore allow teams to work more efficiently, communicate in real-time, and share documents, data, and more, from within a single app on your smartphone or tablet. The management platform you choose should also work well with all the file formats you share the most, from CAD to PDF and everything in between. 

Sharing is Caring 

Remote management means that data will be accumulated from a variety of sources in the field. Mobile phones and tablets are great tools to assist in the process of collecting, organizing, and sharing data as it comes in, but it is not enough just to have data automatically collected and shared. With the right digital tools, connected to the cloud, the ability to share information in real-time means you can analyze the data and make informed decisions faster than ever before.  

The Eye in the Sky 

The ability to monitor a site remotely begins and ends with the tools you choose. Knowing the conditions or the site before your team arrives on the scene, or reveals issues as they arise, is another key to remote construction site management. Before construction cameras became common on job sites, a project manager would need to be on-site to address any issues that might pop up during the workday or even after everyone has gone home. Modern construction sites however leverage the power of technology to keep a close eye on their construction sites including who is on-site, where tools and machinery are, and what inventory is available. Site monitoring solutions like SiteKick take it a step further by providing real-time data on conditions including temperature, humidity, CO and CO2 levels, and other data points that affect the building process. What is even more important is that SiteKick’s full suite of monitoring and reporting tools can work as a standalone solution or be embedded in compatible construction management software including systems, you are already familiar with like Procore. 

The tools you choose will determine whether you can successfully manage your next construction project remotely. SiteKick has made its name by helping companies navigate the sometimes-chaotic process of choosing the right construction technologies to increase productivity and profitability. If you are interested in how we are helping construction companies like yours build a better future, contact us for a demonstration of everything SiteKick can do to improve your bottom line.