What is Lean Construction

Lean Construction is a way of designing production systems within a construction environment to decrease time, effort, and waste. It is quickly becoming a popular topic around construction organizations around the globe.

The goal of lean construction is to maximize value while minimizing costs associated with construction project design, planning, activation, and maintenance.

The methodology was developed by Taiichi Ohno, a Toyota industrial engineer, to improve processes and remove waste at their factories. Like many of Toyota’s practices, the lean methodology was born from a respect for the customer and an attempt to continuously improve.

The Lean Construction Concept

The Lean Construction concept is meant to follow the basic idea of the lean methodology, focusing on collaboration and accountability. While the principles of lean have been part of the manufacturing industry since its inception, these principles are just now making their way into the minds of construction industry leaders. As we bridge the gap between construction and manufacturing, we’ll begin to see an even closer integration between each industry, with a strong push toward leveraging technology to achieve goals. Already, the construction industry is realizing the many benefits to be gained in the areas of operations, processes, and project management.

Lean Construction Institute

According to the Lean Construction Institute, “Lean Design and Construction is a response to customer and supply chain dissatisfaction with the results in the building industry.”

This belief took root when industry leaders found labor efficiency and productivity decreased, while other non-farming labor industry metrics more than doubled since the 1960s.

The Lean Construction Institute found that most construction projects are over budget, delivered behind schedule, and account for more than 800 deaths annually. It is easy to see why many industry leaders see the industry is broken and in need of repair.

The Benefits of Lean Construction

Adhering to the core principles of lean construction can reward your construction business with a variety of benefits. Based on application, the current state of your operations, your company size, and location, you can expect your benefits to improve these categories:

  • Higher Quality of Output and Operations
  • Enhanced Safety and Reduced Risks
  • Greater Cost Control
  • Improved Planning and Scheduling
  • Higher Customer and Employee Satisfaction

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