Cameras and the Bottom Line

We have written extensively about leveraging the power of construction cameras on your job site. We’ve explored how construction cameras can reduce various risks, how you can use construction cameras to reduce rework, and how you can use cameras to improve OSHA compliance.

But what about that bottom line? How can cameras save money and prevent extra expenditures?

Two areas where you can see immediate benefits to construction cameras on your job site are in material inventory as well as labor management.

The Right Materials at the Right Time

A construction project requires a great deal of planning and timely execution. Having the right materials on the jobsite when your team needs it (and where it is currently stored) can be made much more efficient with a solution like SiteKick. Smartly placed cameras can tell you what you have in your material storage area, who has access to it, what the current (and historical) environmental conditions on that part of the job site are, and even perform visual inventory to ensure you have enough for that phase of the construction. Instead of having to physically be on site to perform that inventory, you can leverage the power of construction cameras to give you an immediate understanding of your resources. That is a clear savings in travel and labor in your budget.

Manpower Management

One of the major issues on any jobsite is field efficiency and manpower surplus or shortage is part of that delicate dance.

While you can set guidelines and rules for when your staff clocks in and clocks out each day, on average construction companies waste as much as $75 a day in wasted labor time as the team starts and stops each day. It doesn’t seem like much, but over the course of a typical 3-month project, that could increase the budget by $5000 or more depending on the size of your crew and the length of the project.

Construction cameras can help by ensuring the people adhere to policies and help better motivate teams to be on site and clocked in (or out) quickly and efficiently.

The Real Bottom Line

Choosing which site monitoring and reporting solution is best for you doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. You can easily find everything you need to know about construction site monitoring solutions just by reading our blog, but a demonstration on just how big the impact of working with SiteKick is a better option. To discover how SiteKick can improve your bottom line, contact us today to schedule a demonstration and see how we’re helping build better futures for our clients.