5 Ways to Improve Jobsite Safety without Breaking the Bank

In 2019, despite efforts to improve jobsite safety, the construction industry sector experienced the largest number of preventable fatal injuries. Out of 4,572 worker fatalities in private industry, almost 1 in 5 were in the construction industry. It isn’t a secret that the pressure to get projects completed on time and under budget drives some unsafe practices, but there are steps you can take to minimize dangerous conditions without increasing your budget.

Expecting Safe Practices

Creating a safer jobsite is an essential job for any project manager or jobsite administrator. While OSHA is responsible for setting safety requirements, it is the responsibility of every member on a crew to ensure safety protocols are followed and updated as new threats arise. It isn’t enough to expect safer jobsite practices. The management of a construction project must reinforce the regulations and continuously make safety a priority. This however can become an expensive proposition and many businesses may fail before they begin due to the cost.

So how can construction firms make jobsite safety a priority? One easy and cheap solution is to begin EVERY shift with a safety meeting. Taking 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the day to highlight areas of concern and remind staff of safety regulations goes a long way toward ensuring everyone makes safety a priority.

Leverage Construction Technology

By leveraging existing systems and construction technologies to get the most out of their budgets, you can improve jobsite safety. For many construction firms three important facets of their day-to-day management of a project include site security, environmental monitoring, and report generation. SiteKick can fulfil all three vital roles and perform the tasks of a stand-alone safety technology, all without tripling your budget. SiteKick makes site monitoring and reporting effortless and brings your responsibilities together in one place. Our advanced cameras and sensors easily monitor temperature, humidity, CO, CO2, and VOC general jobsite visibility, safety, security, and much more. Taking advantage of solutions that perform the tasks you undertake every day is a great way to increase jobsite safety without breaking the bank.

Promote Open Communication

One untold way jobsite safety is undercut every day is through fear of reprisal for speaking up about safety concerns. The authors of the book, “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High” did a survey in which it was revealed that 93% of employees say that their workgroup is currently at risk from undiscussed safety issues. Many respondents also revealed that they were aware that injuries occurred because someone didn’t speak up when it mattered. There are many reasons why these situations aren’t discussed, and fear of reprisal for “complaining” is likely high on that list. Another way to improve jobsite safety that doesn’t cost you a cent is to promote an environment where your employees feel empowered to speak up, at any time, when they see dangerous practices on the jobsite. Being open to conversations, even difficult ones, will greatly promote safer jobsites for everyone.

Work with a Plan

Proper planning doesn’t require a monetary investment, but it can increase jobsite safety. Simple ideas such as getting all necessary approvals, eliminating hazards where the day’s work will take you, staging each work area with the proper tools and resources before work begins, and making sure to have adequate staff on hand can go a long way toward safer jobsites. It only takes foresight and planning for proper execution. While it may be mentally taxing to think of all variables, it shouldn’t cost you a dime.

Better Housekeeping

This one shouldn’t need to be stated, but as obvious as it is, it should be something that staff and visitors are reminded of constantly. Keeping your jobsite safe requires good housekeeping. Remove hazardous distractions, obstructions, and trash from your workspaces should be part of your daily housekeeping practices on the job site. It takes only a few moments at the start or end of the day to police your workspaces for possibly dangerous conditions. 

To find out more about SiteKick and how it is helping improve safety and security for the employees of their partners, contact us for an eye-opening demonstration. Let’s build a better future together!