Tracking assembly projects with cameras

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that pre-fabrication reduces budgets by 6% or more. It is no wonder that many construction firms are looking to find new ways to monitor and manage assembly projects for their clients like tracking assembly projects with cameras.

While pre-assembly of projects has been used within the industrial construction sector to decrease build times, it is relatively new to the commercial construction industry. This type of construction has unique considerations including tracking the assembly project for interested parties.

There are many reasons why a construction company may want to track assembly projects with cameras — the most obvious being to allow investors or interested parties to watch in real time the fruits of your labor.

On Track for Success: Cameras and Technology

In the highly competitive construction market, using modular pieces to speed up the on-site construction process is becoming increasingly common. When speed and efficiency mean the difference between profit and failure, it is easy to see the value of construction cameras to get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Sure, using photos to measure the progress of any jobsite or project is great, but they can be even more beneficial when the project is being built in multiple pieces, all in different geographic locations. While a series of photos converted into a time-lapse video is great, image being able to track the progress of your assembly project in real-time with video cameras placed strategically. These data files can be merged to show clients and other interested parties how the project is progressing even when all the parts are not yet in a unified location. Having cameras in all locations simplifies the task of communicating progress as well as problems on jobsites.

Superintendents or project managers can use the construction cameras and the data they provide to monitor the process from the home office or on the road, without the need for physical presence on the specific jobsite.

Tracking assembly projects with cameras for a variety of business purposes

The footage captured by on site construction cameras controlled by a monitoring platform like SiteKick can be used for a variety of different business applications from security and inventory, to marketing and public relations.

Satisfying the curiosity of passersby is just as important as sharing the progress with the client. Sharing the progress of your assembly project will pay dividends in community support if done in a timely manner. As a marketing tool, the footage you can generate can be shared on social media or websites to increase visibility of the project for the client but also for the construction company (grabbing the attention of future clients).

Ultimately using technology like construction cameras for multiple mission critical processes is an incredibly attractive return on investment for any construction company looking to maximize efficiency.

To discover how to leverage new and existing technology to better monitor your next construction project from start to finish, and every milestone in between, contact SiteKick today. SiteKick is quickly becoming the go-to partner for tech-savvy construction companies and project management professionals to help solve the real-world issues you’re facing.