How to Promote Construction Industry Jobs to Women

Promoting construction jobs to women requires a targeted approach from various stakeholders, including construction companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and professional advocacy groups. Ideally this process begins as early as the High School level to introduce the trades as a viable career path for women, but there are great examples of what you can do … Read more

Women in Construction: The Challenges of PPE

One interesting facet of the global pandemic that wasn’t as widely investigated as other issues that arose is the need for better safety equipment. While there have been significant improvements in the quality and availability, one overlooked aspect in developing suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) is how the safety equipment fits. As a man on … Read more

Increasing Diversity: Women in Construction on the Rise

A woman briefs a man on a construction site with technology diagrams superimposed over them.

Achieving diversity in the workplace is an important goal for many businesses, but for the construction industry, it’s been a struggle to create opportunities for women. A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report revealed that might change quickly.  Some quick facts about the growth of women in the construction industry:  Since 2016, the share of … Read more