Increasing Diversity: Women in Construction on the Rise

A woman briefs a man on a construction site with technology diagrams superimposed over them.

Achieving diversity in the workplace is an important goal for many businesses, but for the construction industry, it’s been a struggle to create opportunities for women. A recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report revealed that might change quickly.  Some quick facts about the growth of women in the construction industry:  Since 2016, the share of … Read more

Ryan Companies Bests COVID-19 and Project Performance with SiteKick’s SiteSupt

Software integration sounds like an issue for IT nerds, but for Ryan Companies’ VP of Insights and Innovation, Mike Ernst, it’s a key step in getting the general contractor’s people using information tools to drive construction efficiency. And OK, underneath the 21st-Century title, Ernst may be a bit of an IT nerd, but the story of … Read more