The Pet People of SiteKick

The shared values of everyone at SiteKick is what help define us as an organization. Partnering with other organizations that share those values serves the needs of all organizational stakeholders.  We’re always looking at ways to celebrate those shared values and SiteKick is proud to align itself with great organizations like Ryan Companies US, Inc. … Read more

Construction Technologies of the Future

SiteKick was recently named to BuiltWorlds Smart JobSites 50, celebrating the top 50 emerging field solutions being leveraged by some of the largest contractors, engineers, and specialty contractors worldwide. While we’re proud to be recognized as an innovative construction technology, there are other areas of construction technology we’re excited about. Let’s take a look at … Read more

SiteKick in the News: Minneapolis software startup gets $2.3M in funding

April 13, 2021. Minneapolis, MN. The Star Tribune reported that SiteKick got $2.3M in funding: “Founded in 2016, SiteKick’s software captures images from smart cameras and environmental readings from sensors at construction sites. The information is uploaded into a cloud infrastructure, where machine learning looks for objects of interest in the images, such as people. … Read more

Staying efficient during COVID downtime

Construction is just one of many industries that have been adversely affected by the global pandemic in 2020. The revolving door of lockdowns and delays resulting from COVID-19 have given birth to completely new ways of managing a construction site. We have three tips for staying efficient during COVID downtime. Emergencies are a way of … Read more

First Embedded Field Productivity App Ever!

Procore Embedded Experience Official Announcement We’re super excited to take the partnership to the next level with Procore by being the first embedded field productivity app ever! The consistent reaction to the embedded experience is “that’s awesome!”