SiteKick in the News: Minneapolis software startup gets $2.3M in funding

April 13, 2021. Minneapolis, MN. The Star Tribune reported that SiteKick got $2.3M in funding:

“Founded in 2016, SiteKick’s software captures images from smart cameras and environmental readings from sensors at construction sites. The information is uploaded into a cloud infrastructure, where machine learning looks for objects of interest in the images, such as people. The virtual-presence system then produces real-time and historical data on construction progress, safety and productivity at the sites.”

“Monitoring and recording that data are typically performed manually. With real-time data at their disposal, superintendents, foremen and project managers can “extend their resources to work on more projects,” CEO Tom Wolfe said.”

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Source: Williams, Nick (April 13, 2021). Minneapolis software startup gets $2.3M in funding, signs Ryan Cos. as clientIt allows construction site monitoring from afar. Star Tribune.