Why SiteKick Can Do More than Keep Your Jobsite Secure

Why SiteKick Can Do More than Keep Your Jobsite Secure We’ve written a great deal about construction technology, and how it has changed the construction industry. SiteKick is proud to play a part in the growth of the industry, but more importantly, to the general improvement of the jobsite security for our clients. Of course, … Read more

Construction Security Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

The most pressing need for anyone tasked with optimizing construction security is finding ways to deter unwanted after-hours visitors to the jobsite. Unfortunately, many construction site managers fail to adequately address the most concerning facets of jobsite security. Here are a few common construction security mistakes and ways to eliminate them. Who Goes There? The … Read more

A New Way to Think About Construction Site Monitoring

Traditionally, job site monitoring was simply part of a construction project’s security plan. However, with the increasing power and technology driving construction site cameras, it’s time to revisit how you think about construction site monitoring. It’s About More Than Security Since 2019, a few things have had a tremendous impact on the construction industry generally, … Read more

3 Rules for Construction Site Security

If you do not believe that jobsite security should be a primary concern for construction administrators, consider how jobsite theft costs construction firms upwards of $1 billion annually and you might change your mind. Add to that statistic the fact that less than 25% of all items stolen from jobsites and construction security technology becomes … Read more