Job Site Monitoring Explained

Aside from the heavy load of responsibilities a typical construction site administrator may have on his or her plate, job site monitoring is among the most important tasks. As technology improves, the task is made easier, giving job site managers the ability to monitor safety, progress, inventory, and staff on a construction site. 

What Is Jobsite Monitoring? 

Simply put, job site or construction site monitoring is a combination of physical and digital tools to monitor activities, assets, and progress on a construction site. With the right combination of technology, a job site monitoring platform can be used remotely to give construction administrators the tools to further extend the usefulness of construction cameras to improve security and safety, as well as overall project management.  

What Can Construction Site Monitoring Do? 

While there are many options, the best construction site monitoring platforms do more than just record the activities on a construction site using simple construction site cameras. The right platform not only prevents theft, but it can also perform other mission critical tasks on a construction site including: 

  • Collect valuable data on a construction site.  
  • Track inventory of building materials, tools, and other assets. 
  • Ensure subcontractors are set up for success.  
  • Monitor, report analyze environmental conditions.  
  • Track after-hour visitors  

Construction site monitoring can function both in person or remotely to give construction project managers the tools to make smarter choices and improve project efficiency no matter the distance between the project and the project manager.  

The evolution of Job Site Monitoring 

In an industry that has been slow to adopt technology to improve workflow and decision-making on a construction project, the advent of robust construction cameras and project management software has grown exponentially in recent years. In a few short years, the job site monitoring space has come a long way from an era where securing job sites began and ended with low quality, low resolution, stationary cameras, and physical guard patrols. 

Today’s project managers and construction site administrators can rely on remote cameras with environmental sensors, drone patrols, panoramic views, and 24/7 coverage for a fraction of the cost of traditional security personnel. 

What Is Remote Job Site Monitoring? 

Remote monitoring is a technology solution that gives construction site administrators to not only secure and monitor a single job site from offsite locations, but it can also allow monitoring of several construction sites from one central location. In addition, remote monitoring can make every aspect of project management easier and more accessible to stakeholders, including: 

  • Review and assess subcontractor progress 
  • Provide detailed data points for decision making 
  • Collect environmental data to ensure safety and work conditions before arriving on the job site 
  • Collect and share data automatically 
  • Provide video footage for insurance or social media/marketing purposes 
  • Improve inventory processes and asset tracking 

If you are interested in how construction cameras and sensors can improve project management and increase productivity, contact us for an informative demonstration of the power of remote monitoring solutions from SiteKick. We are ready to help you build a better future!