How Leading Construction Technology Companies are Shaping the Future

We’ve mentioned more than a few times how the construction industry has been slow to adopt new technologies, but over the last few years construction technology has seen rapid growth. Much like tools like power tools, heavy machinery, and the advent of cement changed the industry 100 years ago, so too are smart phones, cloud-based apps, monitoring cameras, and artificial intelligence today are shaping the future of construction technology.

Construction Technology Comes of Age

The fear and aversion to using technology to achieve goals isn’t normal in the construction industry in 2022. In fact, reliance on construction technology is becoming the norm. In addition to making construction jobsites safer, building processes more efficient, and construction teams more collaborative, it is also making the industry more profitable.

What is Construction Technology?

According to the Construction Industry Institute, construction technology is “the collection of innovative tools, machinery, modifications, software, etc. used during the construction phase of a project that enables advancement in field construction methods, including semi-automated and automated construction equipment.”

The Future of Construction

Companies like Procore and SiteKick are among the leading edge of companies shaping the future of construction, developing new ways of tackling the biggest issues construction companies face. We’re bringing ideas that would have been considered science fiction just ten years ago to life including connected equipment, project management, field productivity, environmental monitoring sensors and artificial intelligence.

Data is the Future

We’re moving toward a data driven industry and construction companies have access to more data than ever before. Access to the data collected from tools like environmental sensors, or remote cameras can now be used to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and keep construction workers safer. The increase in data collection has also pushed construction technology forward. 

For instance, the increase in data has introduced artificial intelligence technology (AI) to the construction industry. AI and machine learning are being used by forward thinking construction firms to make sense of the data, organize, and analyze it, to better predict future outcomes on projects. 

Where We Are Headed

Over the coming months, we’ll take a closer look at some of the more interesting developments in the construction technology landscape and investigate where we are headed. If you’re interested in where SiteKick is taking our clients, drop us a line and find out how we’re helping shape the future of construction.