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Site on Track

SiteKick is much more than a monitoring tool. It’s in-the-field information when you’re on the road, the key to an efficient site environment and the information you need to keep teams safe and projects on budget. The secret sauce? SiteKick is the first ever field productivity app to be embedded into Procore®.

How we’re
changing the game

With SiteKick, you can easily and securely track and share data both on-site and off-site from trends to construction progress, environmental conditions and more. Our application helps streamline project management—freeing you up to focus on quality construction.

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24/7 Remote Coverage

Monitor temperature, humidity, jobsite environment and more through cameras, sensors and timelapse videos—all while generating AI-powered reports.

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Advanced Environmental Monitoring

Take the guesswork out of monitoring by knowing exactly when environmental conditions such as air quality change at your site.

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Industry-Leading Data Collection & Reporting

Easily share valuable data through a video and/or static image with your team or clients to help inform decisions and prevent delays.

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Enhanced Safety & Security

Know who’s on-site when you’re off the field and respond quickly 
to any potential issues at any time thanks to security alerts and notifications.

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Seamless Integrations

Say goodbye to multiple applications and automate documentation to the tools you already use such as Procore® and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

Sitekick in action

We understand site management and security are crucial for large companies like Big-D Construction. That’s why we’re proud to help them keep an eye on many projects — both in the field and at home.

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Construction can be complex and having the right tools makes all the difference. From site management to reporting and analysis, SiteKick helps your job sites stay on track.