Improving Construction Site Safety in 2023

A collection of safety gear including an orange construction hard hat, a bright orange vest with a vibrant yellow stripe, and a green safety handook.

As construction safety week comes to a close, we’d like to take a moment to review how safety on construction sites is changing. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on improving safety in the construction industry, with many construction companies implementing stricter safety protocols and procedures.   Aside from compromising the safety, … Read more

Choosing Low Light Cameras for After Hours Alerts

Construction projects typically have valuable materials and tools on site that require adequate after-hours monitoring to prevent theft. These sites are also more vulnerable to other criminal activities including trespassing and vandalism. To prevent unwanted after-hours visitors, one of the most effective tools you can add to your safety and security platform are low-light cameras … Read more

How a Construction Monitoring and Reporting Solution Helps Maintain Compliance

As construction projects grow in complexity, and profit margins shrink, project managers and construction site administrators are faced with juggling many mission-critical tasks including budgeting, scheduling, staffing, reporting, monitoring, payroll, and safety. It can be argued, that few are as important for the legal health of a construction firm as addressing the constantly changing compliance … Read more

How to Build a Culture of Safety with Construction Cameras

Considering the fact that there was a work-related fatality every 101 minutes in 2021, a culture of safety on your construction site should be a priority for 2023. While data from 2022 isn’t complete, the 3.6 fatal occupational injury rate in 2021 represents the highest annual rate since 2016. Of note in the released data … Read more

5 Myths About Construction Cameras and Jobsite Monitoring

There are many misconceptions and outright myths about the value of construction cameras and jobsite monitoring. Construction theft costs construction businesses $300 million – $1 billion annually. What is worse however is that fewer than 25% of items stolen from a construction site are ever recovered. The news, of course, gets worse: Construction theft increases … Read more

Five Ways Construction Cameras Can Improve Jobsite Safety and Efficiency

Among the many concerns construction project managers must consider when making decisions is how a particular issue may affect the bottom line. According to data from Risk Management Associates in Philadelphia, commercial construction is a high-risk industry with low-profit margins and claim that the average profit margin was between 4% and 6% before taxes. One … Read more

Five Jobsite Monitoring Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Choosing the right construction site security monitoring solution is certainly more important now than it was before the pandemic changed everything. While a lack of viable workers is causing some industries severe issues, it is especially problematic when it comes to on-site security officers. It is a good time to look at construction site security … Read more