Your Construction Camera Checklist: A Simple Guide

A construction camera checklist is a great way to ensure you are doing everything you can to prevent theft, injury, and even wasted resources in your job site. Knowing what to look for in a construction camera is as important as any other security measure you undertake.

Construction sites are filled with valuable assets including materials, equipment, and employees and the right construction camera and platform will save time, money, and peace of mind.

Assess Your Construction Camera Needs

Begin with these simple steps to ensure you are doing everything you can to secure those assets with construction cameras:

  • Develop a construction site security plan. While each construction site and its goals are unique, the need for a security plan is universal.
  • Create a master inventory list. Take inventory of all the assets on the site from tools to machinery to materials. Keep it up to date for the life of the project.
  • Install perimeter fencing that is the right material and height for the environment. Set a single access point to the construction site and mark this area for camera placement to monitor all activity, incoming and outgoing.
  • Note any blind spots or hard to monitor areas for future camera placement.

Construction Camera Check List

With those actions in mind, let us dive into the top 3 things you should consider when you are selecting construction camera platforms for your construction site.

Power Source. Depending on the location of your construction site, you should first know how your construction cameras will be powered. While you may have a good source of electricity, the one thing that is constant on a construction site is the inconsistency of available power. That should lead you to consider either solar power or battery power as the primary or backup power option for your camera platform to ensure a reliable power source.

Solar is a popular power source today, especially in sunny regions. Most solar-powered security cameras are perfect for such environments where bright sunlight is abundantly available.

On the other hand, battery-powered security cameras offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Aside from not being constrained to sunny locations, battery-powered construction cameras are easy to keep up and running (provided you know how long a battery lasts in your environment of course).

Construction Camera Features. What should you look for in terms of features and benefits? Not all cameras are created equally and getting the right combination is key to a successful deployment. Some features to consider in your research for the right construction camera and monitoring platform include video quality, accessibility, mobility, and working environment.

Capturing all the comings and goings of construction site visitors and employees requires a level of clarity that low-resolution cameras cannot provide. Models that offer at least 1080p will ensure you can identify faces clearly in case of accidents or theft. Add night vision or low light capability and you increase the value of your construction site camera data.

Accessibility of your Construction Camera Data

A modern construction project requires managers and superintendents to be everywhere at once and being anchored to an office to keep an eye on a project is not ideal.

Of course, modern construction camera platforms, like SiteKick, take advantage of advances in mobile data to let anyone with the right credentials access the entirety of a construction site from the palm of their hand. Whether you are in a remote office or on the road, you can keep track of your job site easily, safely, and remotely.

Final Thoughts on Cameras for your Construction Site

Keeping your construction site safe is not cheap, but it can be cost-effective, especially when you start with a construction camera checklist. A robust construction camera platform and monitoring software like SiteKick can eliminate the need for expensive security personnel without losing the ability to maintain a safe and secure construction site.

To find out how SiteKick provides scalable and flexible monitoring platforms for construction sites that can be easily customized based on job size, job site, and construction phase, contact us today.