Using cameras on construction sites as a tool

How to secure a construction site with cameras

Cameras and video surveillance are becoming increasingly common for any business, but they are an absolute necessity when you handle the safety and well-being of your construction site employees.

If you are one of the thousands of construction industry professionals concerned about employee safety, theft, and workplace conduct, using video cameras on your construction site could increase productivity, safety, and security. 

But how can technology such as cameras and artificial intelligence help a construction site or business? One solution many construction sites are choosing is visual surveillance. 

How do construction sites use cameras to solve several industry-specific issues? A typical solution might involve multiple security cameras to check key spaces on an active job site. From storage facilities to entrances and exits are spaces to watch with cameras. Modern cameras make it easier than ever to keep a close eye on your investment. Add web-based apps that allow for monitoring 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It is easy to see why cameras are becoming one of the most valuable tools in a job site superintendent’s arsenal. 

The Benefits of Visual Surveillance for the Construction Industry 

Protect Materials and Assets: Construction sites are gold mines for thieves. Most construction sites have expensive materials like copper piping, tools, lumber, and machinery that make them prime targets for theft. Using cameras on your construction site is a straightforward way to increase security as well as assist in the identification of the perpetrators in case a theft does occur. 

Lower Insurance Costs: When you have a surveillance system monitoring your job site, insurance carriers are likely to offer lower premiums. Check with your insurance provider if they offer discounted rates on your policy with proof of an installed camera system. 

Increased Safety: Construction sites can be susceptible to accidents even if you constantly remove safety hazards as they arise. A quality surveillance system, especially with artificial intelligence helping to check hotspots on your job site, can reduce the chance of injury. More importantly, it can aid in ensuring all employees are following safety protocols to the letter. Add to that the idea of using your own real-world examples from your construction sites to help in training new employees and you can begin to see the long-term value of such technology integration. 

Liability Protection: Workplace injuries are common, but when your workers are injured on a construction site it leaves you open to legal ramifications including civil lawsuits. Having visual documentation from your construction site is a fantastic tool to help assess and defend against liability. 

The Bottom Line on Cameras as a Tool on Construction Sites 

Site superintendents and construction companies have several tools at their disposal but few are as scalable and effective as cameras. If you are in the market for a scalable and flexible monitoring system you can customize based on job size, job site, and construction phase, the best solution for your business needs may be SiteKick. We have developed a unique technology platform, the first-ever field productivity app to be embedded into Procore®, which is revolutionizing how businesses monitor their job sites. Contact us today for a demo and find out how we can help your employees feel safer and more secure.