Use cameras to mark milestones in projects

Any construction project manager knows that setting milestones to chart the evolution of a build is a great way to track progress and measure success. It is also a fundamental tool in keeping your staff, clients, and the public engaged and informed on the big picture. Amazingly enough, the construction industry is one of the least digitized industries and it may simply be that some professionals just don’t know how digital images and video can help them. We have some great tips on how to use cameras to mark milestones in projects.

Simply put, milestones are a way successful project managers break down a project into smaller steps with much clearer and easier to track tasks. A milestone isn’t like a deadline or a goal, which are more like individual and unique tasks without a connection to the finished product. So how can a construction camera help mark milestones in projects?

Milestones simply mark what a project is supposed to achieve by a set date on the calendar. It marks an achievement in a set point of time as opposed to a time period. It also considers what is being built, and not how it is being built.

Telling A Visual Story with Construction Cameras

A construction camera can assist in visualizing the process, spot problems early, and share with interested parties how the project is coming along. While there are many tools a job site or project manager can rely on to ease the workload, construction cameras help detail the history of a construction project. From clearing the land, to framing the building, to landscaping, a project is a story told best through images and video. There are few ways to tell the story of a project that are as accurate and as complete as time lapse photography and video.

Here are some ways to use construction cameras to mark milestones in projects:

Identifying and Fixing Construction Errors

Issues crop up in every stage of a construction project. Having cameras strategically placed on your job site can increase the speed in which you identify those issues before they derail your project. Once identified, you can mark the milestone of fixing that issue using before and after photos or video to show the issue has been resolved or addressed.

Staffing or Key Contractors

If finding the right people for specific roles is a milestone, a camera can show prospective contractors what the issues are and help them better plan for solutions to your problems. It helps the project manager identify staffing needs, knowing what to ask candidates in their interview, and better set milestones for filling key roles on a project.

A Job Completed

Finally, the most obvious milestone on any construction project is completion and approval from investors and clients. It is one thing to send out an email with an attachment, it is another thing altogether to be able to share live video of the final brick being laid or final tree being planted. Video and photos are the absolute best way to mark the completion of a project and gives all interested parties the satisfaction that can only come with visual verification that the project is indeed complete.

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