Top 5 Construction Technology Trends

While technology adoption is typically slow in the construction industry, the recent pandemic forced many construction site administrators to recalculate the value of several digital tools. The idea being that technology allows for better results in less time. Let’s look at the latest construction technology trends improving the quality of work done and lessening the time required.

#5: Mobile Applications Increase Productivity without Increasing Time

Apps aren’t something you would normally associate with construction technology trends, but a slew of construction technology companies have either added or improved their apps. This has allowed construction superintendents the ability to manage projects virtually anywhere cellular data is available. From Procore to SiteKick, the construction industry’s leading technology is mobile-friendly, putting powerful tools right into your hand, improving workflow and increasing productivity. There are apps for every aspect of project management to make the job easier and less time consuming.

#4: Flying High with Drones Construction Technology Trend

Among the fastest growing trends in construction is the use of drones to capture information on a jobsite outside of areas covered by fixed cameras. Drones are especially useful in areas that might be dangerous or otherwise inaccessible, decreasing the possibility of injury. Already a hit with marketing departments, drones can also assist construction site managers in on-site inspections in a much safer way. Alongside a robust fixed camera environmental monitoring solution, a few drones could vastly improve safety and security on any jobsite, no matter how large and widespread.

#3: Visual & Environmental Monitoring Construction Technology Trends

We’ve written extensively about the value proposition posed by construction cameras. Aside from lowering traditional security costs on a jobsite, the latest sensor technology has pushed camera monitoring solutions to the next level. The biggest advances in visual and environmental monitoring solutions are quickly gaining traction in the construction industry. The latest camera solutions include environmental monitoring sensor technology that can measure an array of important data points including temperature, humidity and even air quality. It isn’t enough to see problems as they arise. The most modern cameras can monitor and track visitors, understand the site environment, and create amazing time-lapse videos of a project coming to life. Toss in the ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence, and you’ll significantly improve all your monitoring activities without vastly increasing the costs of your safety and security.

To find out just where we’re taking visual and environmental monitoring, make sure to contact us for a full demo of the powerful tools we’re bringing to bear on your construction site.

#2: Artificial Intelligence Assisted Data Management

No, machines aren’t replacing hard work and people power. What machine learning and artificial intelligence do is make short work of the most time-consuming aspects of any large-scale analysis. The construction industry generates a vast amount of data, and with digital tools rapidly increasing the incoming flood of information, it makes sense to take advantage of the awesome power of AI to process it all. What used to take months and years of data collection and analysis, can now be done in an incredibly short time, optimizing the planning, processes, and productivity of every department of your construction firm. Artificial intelligence can be used to track inventory, people, machinery, and transport to optimize routes, schedule staff, and monitor security and a few other mission critical jobs on your construction project.

#1: Wearable Technology

One of the fastest growing areas in construction technology can be found on the personal safety equipment of the most productive and forward-thinking construction firms. Wearable technology features sensors with GPS tracking and biometrics and is making the most dangerous working conditions safter for everyone. These new wearable technology items can prevent accidents, monitor changing environmental conditions, and even track the movements of personnel and equipment. Overall, the reluctance to adopt technology is quickly evaporating and being replaced by an understanding that construction technology is one of the best ROI propositions in the industry. SiteKick is proud to be part of the leading edge of construction technology, helping to build a better future for our clients. To find out more about what we do, contact us today to schedule your demonstration.