Tools of the Digital Construction Executive

Covid-19 has increased the desire and need to rely on lean construction concepts and digital tools to ease the reliance on manpower to solve everyday construction problems. A recent article by McKinsey & Company shows that digitization of some construction functions will improve the bottom line for those construction firms who take advantage of technology.

Technology drives a variety of industries, and construction is quickly realizing how valuable digital tools can be when trying to get more productivity without increasing the hours in a workday.

The Future of Construction is Now

As far back as 2017 Construction Week opined that construction firms could record double-digit growth in productivity – and cost reductions of 45% – through the adoption of digital tools.

What was once only a guess is now a fact of life for construction executives that look toward technological innovations to increase efficiency, lower costs, and boost productivity. Every aspect of a construction project can now be more efficient thanks in part to tech investment in design, planning, monitoring, and management.

Leaning into New Ways of Visualizing Construction

Modern construction companies are taking full advantage of lean construction processes to control costs and increase efficiency.

Doing more with much less is a requirement in an industry that saw costs increase by 12% in 2021 and were expected to increase by another 8-12% in 2022. This is where tools like SiteKick, which can help project managers in a variety of ways including safety, monitoring, data analysis, and job site security, become increasingly crucial to construction executives.

The Right Tool for the Job

Once you’ve made the decision to leverage technology to increase productivity and efficiency, you’ll need to choose the right digital tools. Here are some important construction processes to consider:

Operations and project management: There are many digital tools you can leverage to make the management and administration of construction projects leaner and project managers more productive, mobile applications are increasingly becoming a requirement. Digital solutions like Procore are not only popular but quickly becoming the gold standard when it comes to managing the administration of your construction projects.

Site monitoring and progress: We may be biased, but SiteKick is quickly becoming the leader in this area. With SiteKick

  • Track progress visually through the entire project lifecycle.
  • Get a big-picture view without losing the details of projects.
  • Make sure work areas are ready when they need them.
  • Monitor, report and analyze environmental conditions.

Safety and Security Management: The most valuable resources on any construction site are your employees; keeping them safe should always be job one. Using construction cameras and data analysis to better understand how to improve safety on a construction site can also improve OSHA compliance from tracking labor hours and injuries to mitigating risks on the job site. Construction cameras are among the best ways to secure your job site from unwanted visitors and decrease theft. 

To find out more about how SiteKick can help you leverage technology to increase productivity, safety, and security on your construction project, contact us for an informative demonstration of how SiteKick is helping build a better future for our partners.