The Value of Time Lapse Video from Construction Sites

Time lapse video is a powerful tool for a construction company when used correctly. Aside from the marketing and PR benefits, it can also be used for training, community engagement, and keeping investors up to date on progress of a project. While there are many factors that dictate what construction camera solutions a construction firm might choose, it is important to know how time lapse construction video may impact your bottom line. It isn’t an aspect many people consider, but the multiple uses for construction video should be something that factors into the decision. 

Time Lapse Construction Video for Marketing 

Generally speaking, video is one of the most effective communication mediums for marketing and advertising. On average, we watch 100 minutes of video each day. Of course, that doesn’t mean all video is created equally. One of the interesting things about time lapse video is that it is attention grabbing. Who doesn’t love to watch an idea come to life from start to finish, and that is why time lapse construction video is so effective. The ability to show months or years of progress in a few minutes is about as valuable a marketing tool as can be envisioned. The value of time lapse video is of course closely tied into the technology used to capture it. 

Time Lapse Video Cameras 

Not all cameras are created equally. Finding the right combination of technology, quality, and durability are important not just in terms of fiscal health, but also in terms of usability. That’s why it is important to choose a time lapse video camera that does more than just shoot time lapse photography. While most construction companies choose their cameras based on cost and think very little about how it can improve marketing efforts, the right construction camera solution can do much more. The cameras developed by SiteKick, can help your business create content for a variety of purposes including online marketing, social media campaigns, community engagement, and insurance documentation. 

ROI of Construction Video 

According to a recent article on video marketing, 88% of marketers believe video marketing provides them with positive ROI. In addition to the value propositions mentioned earlier, time lapse videos of your construction projects can help you land your next big contract. Imagine walking a prospective client through a construction project from start to finish, highlighting your processes. 

SiteKick is a leading voice in the construction technology industry and has 30 years combined experience helping commercial construction projects stay safe, under budget, and delivered on time. To find out how our construction monitoring solutions can help you improve your bottom line, contact us for an informative demonstration.