The Growing Opportunity of the Perimeter Security Market

Over the last few years, few markets have grown as exponentially as the Perimeter Security market. This segment of the security industry is projected to grow from 61.3 billion USD in 2020 to 96.5 billion USD by 2026. SiteKick is uniquely poised to benefit from this growth as more construction business leaders realize the importance of safe and secure workspaces.

What Is Perimeter Security

On a general level, perimeter security, or perimeter protection as it is also known, is leveraging technology to prevent access to a given space through a property’s perimeter. Before the advent of high-tech solutions, perimeter security was simply a combination of security fencing and gates surrounding a given space. As technology increased, cameras and sensors took on a greater role in how perimeter security prevented unauthorized access.

Modern perimeter security systems are now being used not only to prevent and detect intrusions in critical spaces such as military sites, but also for commercial, residential, retail and transportation sites to great effect. The market now includes construction sites and other non-military spaces, which is great news for SiteKick with its commitment to building a better future through technology.

COVID-19 and Security

When the pandemic hit, aside from causing businesses to reassess how businesses should address social distancing, business leaders also had to explore ways in which they could remotely, efficiently and affordably protect their employees and customers from perimeter intrusions from unwanted and unauthorized visitors.

This has caused a spike in interest in site monitoring systems like SiteKick among others. SiteKick and other forward thinking construction services are discovering new ways to help their clients navigate the quickly changing world of site security. As more businesses discover the latest technological advances including IP-based video monitoring, wireless and mobile technologies, and drones, it is safe to say that the market for products and services like SiteKick is only going to increase as we move on from the COVID-19 pandemic.

SiteKick and the Future of Perimeter Security

What we’ve discovered in working with many construction site administrators is that the biggest challenge they face today is finding the right combination of technological expertise and industry knowledge to help them find perimeter security solutions that fit their needs as well as their budget.

SiteKick is a monitoring solution that will see greater adoption as more businesses, both inside and outside the construction industry, discover the unique monitoring and sensor technologies we are developing for our clients. To get a firsthand demonstration of how SiteKick has helped countless businesses secure their workspaces, call us to schedule a demonstration today!