Data Collection and Reporting

Share your valuable data anytime, from anywhere

Track and share data, quickly, securely, and easily, with clients or team members from the office or on the road.

Quickly generate valuable data reports including trends, construction progress, environmental conditions, and more. As quickly as it comes in, SiteKick makes it easy to share valuable data with your team or clients. Share video and still image files to make better decisions and prevent delays.

With SiteKick you can:

  • Make smarter choices and improve project efficiency.
  • Concentrate on quality construction, rather than manually collecting data points.
  • Get a big-picture view without losing the details of project.
  • Make sure work areas are ready when they need them.
  • Help ensure subcontractors are set up for success.
  • Monitor, report analyze environmental conditions.

SiteKick is your one-stop-shop site monitoring solution for commercial construction. It takes the guesswork out of project management and improving communication while enabling a more efficient use of field resources to help improve profits.