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Every SiteKick subscription includes Gateways (Smart Cameras with Temperature & Humidity sensors) and the SiteKick web app, delivery and installation, training, two moves per gateway and takedown upon conclusion of the project. SiteKick helps with project milestones from kick off to a successful implementation. The services covered as part of standard implementation can be seen here.

SiteKick Solution Pricing

Standard Gateway

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  • Plugs into 110v Outlet
  • Attaches to structure or pole

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Stationary Solar Powered Gateway

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  • Solar Powered
  • Mounted to stand or pole on pallet

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Mobile Solar Powered Pod Gateway

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  • Solar Powered
  • Mounted on pole or self powered unit

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Optional Add-ons

Available only with purchase of our solution

Temperature and
Humidity Sensors

Separate from gateway.
Mount indoors or

Temperature, Humidity,

Separate from gateway.
Mount indoors or

3rd Party Security

Get peace of mind with
after hours monitoring
and incursion alerts.

Lift Services, Trenching, and Other Services:

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SiteKick is your one-stop-shop site monitoring solution for commercial construction. It takes the guesswork out of project management and improving communication while enabling a more efficient use of field resources to help improve profits.

Your subscription includes:

  • Integration with Procore and/or as a standalone solution
  • Site monitoring and reporting
  • After hours visitor monitoring through SiteKick’s AI
  • Daily log automation
  • Progress photos and time lapse videos (on demand and/or recurring)
  • Personnel tracking
  • Optional add-on 24×7 3rd party security monitoring of after hours visitors
  • Optional add-on air quality sensors to track site environment

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