Partnering with Technology in Construction

Bootstrappers explains why they invested with high-tech construction monitoring start up SiteKick.

Every industry has its visionaries, and construction technology isn’t without its share. At SiteKick, our platform is about monitoring the present, but our business model is about seeing the future; using technology to promote safety, security, and success.  

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we choose to partner with other visionaries, in a variety of fields and industries to make sure we continue to lead, rather than follow. The principals of Bootstrappers are those kinds of visionaries. 

Bootstrappers business is using technology to change the world we live in. It is a part of their philosophy, but a position that we share. As entrepreneurs, SiteKick needed to partner with a company that believed in technology and its role in construction. Our investors need to know how we’re focused on changing how construction companies leverage cameras, artificial intelligence, and other technology to increase their business success. This partnership is based on mutual respect and a core belief. 

Ultimately, SikeKick provides a solution that solves a real world problem and so improves performance outcomes for construction companies as well as supporting site supervisors with valuable insights. Their kung fu is strong and their managing team is adaptable, creative, and put simply, they know how to ship a product. They are hard working and seek out assistance when they need to, but also know how to grind it out when needed. They represent a diverse team with a central focus on not just being an ordinary technology company by solving a process and productivity problem. And honestly, they’re a great crew to work with so we feel like we really hit one out of the park with the investment!

Bootstrappers, “Why We Invested in SiteKick”

Don’t take our word for it though! Read their article on why Bootstrappers believes as much in us, as we do in them.