It’s that budget time of the year: Justify some Construction Cameras

As summer approaches, it is a good time to start considering next year’s budget and construction cameras should be on your wish list. If you’ve been looking for ways to leverage technology to make your life easier, construction cameras are certainly a worthy investment. Considering recent news, the time might be right for investment in new technology tools for your construction site administrators.

Looking Forward: Construction Outlook Post Covid-19

Along with a boom in new housing projects, the new administration in Washington is pushing for an expansive new infrastructure plan and construction businesses will certainly reap the benefits if it all goes through.

Let’s list a few reasons why construction cameras should be on your wish list.

Budget and Construction Cameras for Project Management

One of the interesting issues plaguing many businesses post-Covid is a labor shortage. The Associated General Contractors of America revealed that 70 percent of construction companies are discovering that finding workers to fill hourly craft positions is extremely difficult right now. One way to make better use of the staff you do have is by installing construction cameras on site to better manage your current roster of workers.

Construction cameras would allow your project managers to monitor their construction jobs in real-time, adjusting labor placement and work assignments as needed. Construction site cameras would also help construction site administrators identify issues long before they can impact the schedule or deadlines. With remote monitoring solutions in place, your project managers can manage staff and projects without having to drive to each construction site, saving hours of time and effort.

Everywhere You Need to Be

One of the more important aspects of a project managers’ day is onsite inspection of construction progress. Before the advent of high-resolution construction cameras, it required a lot of travel to and from each job site. If the project manager was managing several different projects, it might take a good portion of his workday just traveling to each site and walking the property to check in on the day’s progress.

Today’s construction cameras allow a project manager to be everywhere at once. If your cameras have environmental sensors like the cameras featured in SiteKick’s monitoring solutions, you can get a much better understanding of conditions as well as progress each day without having to be there physically seven days per week.

It Pays to be Social

The idea of community engagement is still a relatively new concept for the construction industry. For some decision makers expending any energy on social media outreach is a luxury rather than a marketing opportunity, but that is changing. In the United States alone, there were an estimated 243.6 million social network users in 2018. That’s about 75% of the nation’s population. Your target audience is absolutely consuming social media daily.

When used correctly and efficiently, social media platforms can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Social media can help a construction business grow brand awareness and even generate leads in ways traditional marketing cannot.

Construction cameras and the time-lapsed progress they can detail are perfect for social media sharing. It can help your business share progress, but also build community excitement about your projects and investment in their neighborhoods.

When considering next year’s budget and construction cameras, there are plenty of ways to justify adding construction cameras to your current or next construction project. We’ve listed just a few, but there are many more and we’d love to talk to you about it. Contact us today and schedule a demonstration of what SiteKick can do for you!