Images and Machine Learning in Construction

As construction technology gets more advanced, construction site administrators can leverage more tools to ensure success. This is where artificial intelligence and machine learning come into play on a construction site. Artificial intelligence is a technology which enables a machine to simulate human behavior. Machine learning is a subset of AI which allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly, or more plainly, the ability of intelligent systems to learn and improve through data acquisition. Images with machine learning are revolutionizing the construction industry.

Machine learning requires data to make accurate predictions. Data like the images and video you can acquire through construction cameras and a platform like SiteKick.

For a construction site, challenges from structural monitoring, to construction site security and safety, to energy consumption can all spell disaster and increase costs. With SiteKick and machine learning, you can monitor and address those challenges safely and under budget.

Monitoring and Predicting Structural Health

Structural engineers have worked toward early detection of damage to high-rise buildings in their research. Imagine using machine learning and your chosen platform, like SiteKick, to monitor vibrations and then using predictive analytics to pinpoint possible weaknesses in the materials or methods.

Deep learning approaches, such as Convolutional neural network (ConvNets or CNNs), have been used to monitor the durability of building construction materials before and after construction. With such tools, it is possible that damage from concrete cracking can be predicted and averted. It is likely that SiteKick’s environmental monitoring capabilities may be used on a construction site by site administrators to find and predict possible issues long before they happen.

Safe and Secure: Construction Site Safety

Construction is an inherently physically demanding industry. Often workers put themselves in positions that could result in temporary or permanent injury. It makes sense to leverage construction cameras to monitor your workers activities to collect data. That data could then be used to find activities and specific tasks that result in more on-site injury. Predicting how manual operations can result in injury will increase awareness and lead to better methods of performing these high-risk tasks. With artificial intelligence, construction cameras, and machine learning a construction site administrator could greatly improve the safety of the work site.

Predicting Energy Use and Demand

There are a variety of tools to understand energy consumption once a building is completed, but what about energy use on a construction site? With SiteKick and construction cameras strategically placed around your project site, you could leverage machine learning to pinpoint areas where energy is being wasted. With these tools at your disposal, you could run a performance analysis to map out electricity consumption patterns around the site. Through machine learning, you can predict areas around your construction site that seem to use more power than they should be using and take steps to prevent waste.

SiteKick: Leading the Way in Images and Machine Learning in Construction

Large and small construction sites can generate a large amount of data that can be used to support a variety of mission critical decisions. While artificial intelligence and machine learning are still relatively new to the construction industry, businesses like SiteKick want to change that. SiteKick wants to explore how these new technologies can improve building methods and prevent wasted effort and money. To find out how some of our clients are leveraging these new technologies with SiteKick, give us a call today!