How to Promote Construction Industry Jobs to Women

Promoting construction jobs to women requires a targeted approach from various stakeholders, including construction companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and professional advocacy groups. Ideally this process begins as early as the High School level to introduce the trades as a viable career path for women, but there are great examples of what you can do today to impact your future hiring opportunities. Here are some additional strategies to better promote construction industry jobs to women: 

  1. Create targeted recruitment campaigns: Construction companies can create targeted recruitment campaigns that highlight the benefits of working in the construction industry, such as competitive pay, opportunities for advancement, and job security. These marketing efforts should also showcase women who are already working in the industry and highlight their achievements.  
  1. Offer training and apprenticeship programs: Construction companies must offer training and apprenticeship programs specifically geared toward providing women with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the industry. These programs must be designed to be accessible and inclusive, taking into account the unique challenges that women may face in pursuing a career in construction. While there are training programs within the trades themselves, additional support from construction industry employers themselves will greatly improve both the availability as well as the success of these programs. 
  1. Partner with educational institutions: Construction companies can partner with educational institutions to promote construction jobs to women. This can involve participating in career fairs, offering guest lectures, and providing mentorship opportunities for female students. 
  1. Provide support and resources: Construction companies can provide support and resources to women who are interested in pursuing a career in the industry. This can include offering childcare services, flexible work arrangements, and mentoring programs. It should also include sponsoring memberships to professional organizations like the National Association of Women in Construction to ensure their current and future female colleagues are better represented in the industry. 
  1. Advocate for policy change: Government agencies and women advocacy groups can advocate for policy change that promotes gender equality in the construction industry. This can involve lobbying for gender-neutral hiring practices, promoting equal pay, and providing support for women-owned construction businesses. 

By taking these steps, construction companies, educational institutions, government agencies, and women advocacy groups can work together to promote construction jobs to women and create a more diverse and inclusive industry. SiteKick is proud to be a sponsor for Women in Construction Week, which celebrates and promotes the role of women in the construction industry. For more information about Women in Construction Week as well as discovering more ways to strengthen and amplify the success of women in the construction industry, please visit and consider joining the National Association of Women in Construction.