How to Keep construction documentation costs in check with cameras

Any project manager knows that construction projects require a staggering amount of documentation. Every aspect of a project generates a paper trail of environmental readings, employee time sheets, and progress reports that need to be tracked and archived. Unfortunately, construction is one of the least digitized of all industries—second only to agriculture and hunting. Imagine the space required to store the kind of paper documents a construction project generates daily! The savings on storage facility costs is reason enough to adopt a more digital documentation process. Keep construction documentation costs in check with cameras.

Bring Construction Documentation into the Modern Age

Granted, documentation of a construction project is inherently challenging and plays a big role in why construction is slow to adopt digital strategies for both generating and storing data. The size of a project geographically as well as the size of a construction firm add levels of complexity that cannot be easily dismissed.

So how can you keep documentation costs down on a construction project? Construction cameras and a robust monitoring platform can help small to medium (and even large) construction companies manage documentation with very little effort and overhead, especially when the process is part of a system like SiteKick.

Keep Construction Documentation Costs in Check with Cameras

Using a platform like SiteKick opens opportunities to lessen the need for paper-based documentation. The benefits of using construction cameras in the documentation process include:

While progress of a construction project usually requires a staff member physically capturing the site with still photographs, a robust monitoring system that uses video cameras like SiteKick can change the game significantly. Strategically placed cameras can capture just about every facet of a project from start to finish.

While it is true that the construction industry is lagging in the adoption of technology, it is becoming a much more tech-savvy environment. The popularity of mobile devices for reporting and project management tasks is one reason why SiteKick is among the fastest growing players in the construction job site monitoring and reporting field.

Discover How SiteKick is Improving Construction Technology Integration

As the construction site has become an increasingly tech-savvy workplace, mobile devices are used widely for many types of reporting and project management tasks. To find out how SiteKick can improve productivity, save money, and make short work of documentation tasks on your construction site, contact us today for a demonstration.