How Environmental Monitoring Can Improve Your Jobsite

Environmental monitoring is a relatively new concept for US-based construction businesses, but it quickly gaining the attention of the industry. In a construction environment, environmental monitoring gives construction superintendents on a project the data necessary to keep staff safe and projects on track.

Aside from ensuring a project complies with environmental plans, monitoring and management of environmental conditions can reveal problems long before they impact a construction project. In addition, the ability to monitor environmental conditions on a construction project demonstrates the commitment to environmental impact on the surrounding environment which is becoming important to many clients.

Improving Processes

The construction industry has always operated under the constant pressure to improve productivity, reduce costs and waste, and essentially do more with much less. One way to meet these demands in a construction environment is by harnessing the power of environmental monitoring. As the construction manager, you can use gathered data to accurately predict when to act, and what action to take to lessen the effects of environmental conditions on your job site. Simply put, you can know when to funnel resources into a particular area or hold them back to avoid wasting resources when the environmental conditions could disrupt or delay progress. That alone would improve productivity for many projects.

How To Monitor A Job Site

We have discussed several ways that SiteKick elevates job site monitoring to a whole new level for savvy construction administrators. We have discussed safety and security. Environmental monitoring plays an important role in the safety and security of your personnel. Unlike spot checks to measure environmental conditions on a jobsite, SiteKick’s solution of using cameras with sensors continuously monitor a variety of conditions on a job site to ensure that measured data points remain within acceptable levels and alert construction site managers when conditions change drastically.

This solution eliminates the need for hand-held surveys or hiring costly consultants to measure and record changing conditions. This is especially important when your construction project is large or spread across many locations. Cameras with sensors become your eyes, ears, and nose on remote locations increasing the safety and security of your most valuable resource by alerting users to potentially unsafe working conditions before the crew gets on site, eliminating wasted travel.

How SiteKick Improves Construction Environments

Our advanced cameras and sensors easily monitor temperature, humidity, air quality and VOC levels, and other crucial jobsite conditions. Of course, tracking the data is useless without a way to make use of it. Our solutions generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports so you can measure the impact of environmental conditions on your project. When you partner with SiteKick, you can:

  • Monitor the jobsite with SiteKick’s advanced sensor capabilities.
  • Respond quickly to issues that come up whether you are on-site or on the road.
  • Understand your site environment, even before you arrive and after you leave for the day.
  • Monitor and report on air quality, humidity and temperature readings.

Of course, in an era where making the most of the resources you have is quickly becoming the norm, it pays to choose a construction monitoring solution that can perform across a variety of areas from construction site security, to inventory management, to progress reporting, and report generation. SiteKick does this and more. There are few tools on the market that offer as much return on investment than SiteKick. It takes the guesswork out of project management and improving communication while enabling a more efficient use of field resources to help improve profits.

If you are ready to discover how SiteKick is changing the way construction firms are meeting the demands of today’s projects, contact us for an eye-opening demonstration of how we are helping our clients build a better future.