How Construction Cameras Help Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Few can argue that construction is an expensive industry. Overhead is high and margins are thin, so it makes sense to look for innovative ways to increase profits and eliminate unnecessary costs. For the cost conscious construction professional, construction cameras just might be your ticket to savings.

The Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) reported that the average pre-tax net profit for general contractors is just 1.4 to 2.4 percent. Subcontractors have a slightly higher return of 2.2 to 3.5 percent. Covid of course has knocked those numbers askew as well. The best way to increase margins is to reduce costs and we have uncovered a few ways construction cameras help eliminate unnecessary costs.

Better Surveillance, Less Manpower

Theft is a major reason construction often runs in the red. A recent industry poll revealed that 78% of construction administrators questioned reported at least some theft, usually tools and materials, from the jobsite. Of course, it is not only small items that inexplicably find their way off the jobsite. Construction cameras are more cost effective than hiring on site security guards in most cases, and especially for larger jobsites lasting six months or more. While one of the more consistent complaints is the initial construction camera cost, the truths is that the cost of construction cameras is easily offset by the long-term savings from less theft on the jobsite as well as fewer man hours required. 

Jobsite Access 24/7

Construction firms are often managing multiple projects at any given time and burning an entire day traveling from jobsite to jobsite can become expensive and time consuming, especially with projects in different cities or states. A multifunction construction camera solution allows for an administrator to be in multiple places at once with remote access via mobile devices. 

Sharing is Caring

Construction camera solutions like SiteKick also let administrators gather and share data, images, and video right from their smartphone or tablet from the field or from the office. Making sure to keep clients and decision makers in the loop is easier with the right construction camera solution. Part of an efficient construction strategy means improving communication, so decision makers have the current information. This constant access to important data means less chance of rework.

This is just a brief look at how construction cameras can lead your business to more efficient construction practices. From environmental monitoring, to surveillance, to documentation and community engagement, SiteKick solutions do more than your typical static camera. To find out all the diverse ways SiteKick is changing how construction companies view their monitoring solutions, contact us for a comprehensive demo