Five Reasons You Should Be Investing in Construction Cameras

When you consider that nine out of ten projects experience cost overruns, every decision you make could blow your budget long before you complete your project. A recent McKinsey study found that construction productivity has declined in some markets since the 1990s and large projects take 20% longer to finish than expected and are up to 80% over budget. 

Choosing the right systems to increase efficiency is paramount to the success of any construction project. While there are many tools that can play a role in an increase in efficiency, perhaps one of the most overlooked is construction cameras. Here are five reasons why you should be investing in construction cameras. 

Reason Five: Doing More with Less 

One interesting development in the construction industry during the pandemic is construction managers and administrators finding ways to leverage existing systems to squeeze a little more productivity out of their teams without sacrificing safety or security. 

Construction cameras can be used for much more than job site monitoring. With the right monitoring solution, you can oversee inventory, manage staff, document progress, improve decision making, and other functions not normally associated with construction cameras. 

Reason Four: Monitor Project Progress 

Monitoring progress usually means a project manager or team member monitoring the physical progress of the construction site. A construction project rarely goes according to plan and progress monitoring is essentially a strategy to complete projects within a set schedule using informed decisions.  

With construction cameras and AI, project managers can use real-time data like images and video, tag events, create timelines with visual aids, that can then be compared to expected progress to ensure schedules are being met and course-correct long before issues become insurmountable. 

Reason Three: Recording for Legal Coverage 

When you’re responsible for the security and safety on a job site, you’re likely to use a combination of cameras, fencing, and human patrols. The construction cameras also record data you’ll share with law enforcement, legal representatives, and insurance carriers when your project experiences theft, vandalism, injuries, or safety issues.  

With a cloud-based construction site monitoring solution, your construction cameras may provide the most important evidence to ensure your employees are safe and your project stays on schedule. 

Reason Two: Coordinate and Deploy Resources 

Construction project management is a difficult task in the best of times. Throw in a global pandemic and supply chain issues and your ability to direct and coordinate staff and construction materials become nearly impossible. Modern management techniques can only take you so far. A little digital assistance is going to be the best way to be an effective project manager. 

Construction cameras allow you to have a macro and micro view of all construction activities. With the right platform, you can manage assets from the field, the office, or from the road. More importantly, your global view of the project lets you make more informed decisions on daily, weekly, or monthly asset management. You can also see real-time video of progress, environmental conditions, and possible issues long before they become problems.  

Reason One: The Power of Documentation 

Construction projects generate an amazing number of documents and data. In a chaotic environment, documents tend to get lost or worse, get duplicated without clear ownership. Using video and images generated by construction cameras to document progress is an easy way to keep things organized and principals informed. The right construction monitoring solution can not only analyze video and images to help make better decisions but can also be used as a repository of data from each step on a project’s life. 

Construction cameras and construction monitoring solutions are quickly becoming much more than a way to keep your job site secure. To find out how SiteKick is helping construction professionals keep their projects running smoothly as well as under budget, contact us for a demonstration of everything SiteKick can bring to the table.