Construction Site Monitoring: Expectations vs. Reality

Choosing the right construction site monitoring plan is among the most important decisions you can make as a construction site administrator, but expectations don’t always match reality. Thankfully technology is available that will ensure your jobsite monitoring is keeping your valuable assets, including your employees and equipment, safe and secure. Here are some myths about jobsite monitoring and how the reality of advanced construction security solutions can help.

Construction Site Accidents Are Unavoidable

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, each year, 9.7 of every 100,000 construction workers suffer a fatal injury, which is the fourth-highest rate of any industry. You would think that with such a statistic, accidents on jobsites are something that you cannot avoid. While it is true that no system is foolproof, the right construction site monitoring solution can greatly decrease the likelihood of an accident occurring on your jobsite. Investing in tools, such as construction cameras and monitoring solutions help mitigate risks, but it is only half of the equation.

One of the essential jobs of any jobsite monitoring solution should be identifying areas of concern before accidents happen. Well-placed construction cameras can certainly help, but a jobsite monitoring solution that can enables construction site administrators to use captured video in training and safety reviews can prevent future accidents from derailing a project. Advanced construction camera systems feature technology that can also assist in environmental monitoring, inventory management, employee tracking and other useful data capture that go well beyond safety and security.

Meeting OSHA Requirements is Enough

One of the biggest myths around construction site safety is that OSHA’s minimum safety standards is enough to keep your site safe and secure. The reality is that safety standards issued by OSHA, while very important, are in fact the lowest acceptable bar when it comes to ensuring safety for your projects. You owe it to your employees to above and beyond the minimum safety standards set by OSHA. Investing in systems and processes that greatly increase safety is the best investment you can make on any jobsite.

Of course, throwing money at problems doesn’t necessarily mean you’re solving them. Finding the best construction security system doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if your chosen solution can perform other valuable tasks to increase the return on investment. Choose a solution that can check several boxes in addition to increasing the safety and security of your employees.

Safety and Security Are Soley the Project Manager’s Responsibility

Despite what you may think, safety and security are everyone’s responsibility. Every member of your construction team should share in the safety and security of the jobsite. Each worker should take an interest in keeping the jobsite free from hazards, following safety guidelines, reporting potential problems, and proactively addressing them as they arise.

One easy solution is to choose several employees, perhaps one from each team or section, be named safety manager for his or her group. Tasking these employees with simply checking their team for proper safety equipment and their workspaces for potential hazards is a great way to share in the responsibility for keeping the entire team safe.

We’ve briefly touched upon a few misconceptions about construction site safety and jobsite monitoring, but there are many more dangers that can derail a construction project. Investing in technology can certainly help, but vigilance and attention to detail will greatly increase the safety and security of your team. SiteKick is committed to finding solutions that fit your budget and needs. To find out more about or construction monitoring solutions and how we can help you increase the safety and security of your next project, contact us for a demonstration of all the wonderful ways SiteKick is helping build a better future.