Construction Site Monitoring and Natural Disasters

Natural disasters, like Hurricane Ian, cause billions of dollars in property damage each year and cause construction businesses untold issues before, during, and after a catastrophic event on or near their construction sites. One way to monitor, assess, and recover from these natural disasters is to utilize the power of construction site cameras.

When the Worst Happens

While some cameras on various construction sites and commercial buildings were able to broadcast while Hurricane Ian was in full-throated roar, the value of a construction camera might be best exhibited immediately after a natural disaster strikes.

Having eyes on a construction site after the worst happens can help alleviate uncertainty about job site conditions without sacrificing the safety of staff, even when the weather finally permits access to a construction site. Of course, technology can only do so much, and having the right combination of technology and support increases confidence in the safety and security of your construction project.

Weathering the Storm

One SiteKick partner took the hurricane warnings seriously and prepared for Hurricane Ian by securing their construction site and proactively shutting off power before they left the construction site. Once Hurricane Ian passed and it was safe to do so, they returned to their job site and found that the SiteKick solar-powered cameras were already functioning as expected (needing only small angle adjustments for optimum performance).

While the cameras will need some maintenance after being exposed to the worst Ian had to offer, SiteKick will proactively replace all affected cameras to ensure uptimes for all our clients. Having partnerships that help you regain control of your construction site is one reason why SiteKick customers continue to partner with SiteKick for their construction site monitoring and reporting needs.

Recovery Practices

Once the immediate danger has passed, getting the job cleared and ready for work to restart can be a big headache for construction site administrators. Of course, some construction sites might be inaccessible and without power for weeks after a natural disaster which can further delay a construction project.

With solar-powered construction cameras with the ability to shoot time-lapse footage, construction project administrators can understand what has been damaged, and what areas might require more diligent examination, and create a plan long before they are able to visit the site in person. This advanced intel will assist in documentation.

Worth a Thousand Words

Documentation is often an afterthought, but construction cameras, especially those offered with 24-7 monitoring solutions, provide an endless supply of stills and motion. Comparing stills or videos taken before a natural disaster and another series from the same cameras after the event video can be used to document the damage for insurance and code enforcement purposes.

With the right technology, executives, project managers, and investors can be continually apprised of any situation from accidents to natural disasters, and know well in advance how conditions change and what strategies can mitigate delays and plan for contingencies.

To find out how SiteKick partners with construction businesses to monitor their construction sites through difficult conditions and help them build a better future, contact SiteKick for an informative demonstration today.