Community Outreach for Construction

How to Increase Community Engagement with Construction Cameras

Getting a community to support your work is a great way to promote your products, services, or business. For a construction company, using social media for community outreach can be invaluable in the long term. If you’re already capturing video on your construction site, leveraging it for social engagement is an easy way to increase community engagement.

Time Lapse Progression

Let’s face it, watching a construction project come to life is of interest to the general public. Who can resist peeking behind the construction barriers? Of course, it is difficult to get a sense of progress in the short window usually afforded most visitors to a construction site. One remedy is in leveraging the power of construction cameras you’re already (or should be) using to protect your employees and assets on the construction site.

Time lapse video cameras can capture all the action and better still, provide a unique way of documenting key milestones and progress on your construction projects. Check the view counts on construction time lapse videos on YouTube will show you just how popular these videos are among the general public. Sharing time lapse progress videos on social media such as Facebook or Twitter can help the community share in your success.

Local News and Free Publicity

Every local news station is looking for content and a time lapse video of your construction project is gold, especially during slow news cycles. Media outlets are always interested in free content, and you should always be interested in getting your construction company’s name out to engage the community as well as attract new clients. Still not sold? it is estimated that up to 90% of US consumers indicated they had been persuaded to make a purchase based on a video. The best part? It’s free! Your marketing budget will thank you!

The Future of Marketing

Speaking of marketing, construction businesses should be more present on social media and videos can make that happen for two important reasons. Video is becoming increasingly more valuable for SEO. Just having video on your website landing pages can increase conversions by up to 80%! More conversions mean more business and more business means higher profits.

Community Outreach for Construction

Not everyone loves construction as much as we do. As the saying goes, “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet…” and in construction noise, pollution, dust, and increased traffic are the eggshells you walk on daily in your community. While your construction project will eventually improve your community, the inconveniences you’ll be blamed for can turn the public against you in the short and long term. Sharing time lapse videos from your construction cameras revealing how your project will transform an area, or neighborhood is a great public relations move. It shines a positive light on your work within a community even if some short-term inconveniences may arise.

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